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Drake Meme Template

Drake meme template: If one thing makes the internet go wild, it’s Drake meme template. This iconic rapper has become a symbol of relatable emotions, and his expressive face has spawned countless viral memes. Whether you’re feeling on top of the world or sinking into the depths of despair, there’s a Drake meme template for every mood.

In the world of memes, there’s one template that never fails to make us laugh uncontrollably – the Drake Hotline Bling Meme. It’s like Drake knew he was giving birth to a viral sensation when he made those infamous dance moves in his music video. The versatility of this Drake meme template is simply outstanding, as it perfectly captures all our daily dilemmas and relatable moments.

Whether you’re debating between pizza or salad for lunch, Drake posting a double image with drake’s Drake yes and no on the other will always resonate deep within your soul. And let’s not forget about his undeniable Drake reaction face; that wide-eyed surprise mixed with pure disappointment is just too good to ignore! You know you’ve achieved peak meme status when Drake likes something, but if he doesn’t like it, prepare yourself for an epic digital eye-roll from our dear rapper friend. So next time life throws you a curveball, and you find yourself torn between options, remember that only the legendary Drake can genuinely express your inner turmoil through hilarious memes!

Drake’s meme went viral as a “hotline bling video.”

The Drake meme went viral after releasing his “hotline bling” video. The meme features Drake making a shocked face while holding a phone. The meme is usually accompanied by the caption “You like this?” or “You don’t like this?”.

His like and dislike scenario is particularly hilarious – two pictures side by side, with Drake looking smug and utterly disappointed in the other. It’s like having your hype man cheering you on when things are going well or delivering a brutal reality check when life decides to knock you down a peg (or ten). And let me tell you, seeing that disappointed Drake’s face pop up when someone spills their coffee or fails at parallel parking can instantly turn any frown upside down. So, thank you, Mr. Aubrey Graham, for providing us with endless entertainment through your versatile meme-worthy expressions!

Viral comments on Drake memes

Drake memes are some of the most popular Drake meme template on the internet. And it’s no surprise, given how Drake is such a relatable and funny guy. But what makes Drake memes even more hilarious are people’s viral comments on them.

Whether making fun of his “Hotline Bling” video or commenting on his love life, people just can’t get enough of Drake memes. And we’ve rounded up some of the funniest viral comments on Drake memes for your viewing pleasure.

Sit, relax, and enjoy these hilarious viral comments on Drake memes.

Drake memes have taken over the internet, and there is no shortage of funny, clever, and downright savage comments in popular meme pages’ comment sections. Here are some of the best viral comments on Drake meme template!

“Drake looks like he just got called into his boss’s office and was told he’s being laid off.”

“Drake is the type of guy who would show up to a job interview in sweatpants.”

“Drake looks like he’s trying to remember where he left his keys.”

“Drake is the type of person who would order a pizza and then not answer the door when it arrives.”
How it got famous

Drake memes quickly became among the most popular internet memes in early 2018. The meme typically features a picture of Drake with either a positive or negative caption, depending on the version of the meme. The “Like” version of the meme typically features Drake with an optimistic caption, while the “Dislike” version typically features Drake with a negative caption.

The Drake meme started as a simple reaction image featuring the Canadian rapper and actor. As soon as the picture went viral on social media, people began using it to express approval or disapproval.

Drake memes according to funny situations

Blank meme: Drake meme template generator

Drake memes are some of the most popular memes on the internet. They often feature Drake in various funny situations and can be used to express different emotions.

Here are 10 Drake memes that perfectly capture a range of funny situations:

1. When you’re trying not to be awkward but end up being even more uncomfortable:

2. When someone says something that you know is wrong but you don’t want to correct them:

3. When you’re trying to be serious, but everyone else is just joking around:

4. When you’re having a great time, but someone ruins it with their negativity:

5. When someone asks for your opinion, but you don’t want to give it:

6. When you’re trying to act cool, but you’re not:

7. When someone does something so wrong, and you can’t even believe it:

8. When you’ve had enough of someone’s crap, and you just can’t take it anymore:

9. When somebody says something so stupid it makes you angry:

10. And finally, when someone is just being an all-around pain in the ass, and you wish they would stop:

Drake memes that are viral in 2023

It’s been a long time since Drake memes were all the rage. But in 2023, they’re back and more popular than ever! Here are some of the most viral Drake meme template that will get you laughing.

Drake as a Disney Princess: In this meme, Drake is imagined as a Disney princess, complete with a sparkly dress and tiara. It’s perfect when you need a good laugh at the expense of your favorite rapper.

Drake as an Old Man: This meme shows Drake as an older man with wrinkles and grey hair. It’s perfect when you want to make fun of his age or think he looks better as an elderly gentleman.

Drake Looking Unimpressed: This meme features a photo of Drake looking unimpressed, usually with captions that poke fun at his reactions to things. It’s perfect for when you want to share your unimpressed response to something or someone.

Drake meme viral roast video “21 savage”

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