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Galaxy Brain Meme Video Template

Galaxy Brain Meme Template

Galaxy Brain Meme Video Template Download

The Galaxy Brain Meme is a popular format for expressing complex ideas in a simple, visually- appealing way. In this article, we’ll show you how to create your own galaxy brain meme using a free online template.

What is the Galaxy Brain Meme Template?

The galaxy Brain Meme Template is a popular meme format that features a large, round head with a small body in a video using the background song “Gotye – Somebody That I Used To Know – Trap by VelvetCasca“. The head is often filled with stars or other space-themed imagery, and the body is usually very small in comparison. This meme format is often used to make jokes about someone being “out of this world” or “beyond understanding”. This Galaxy Brain Meme Template is also popularly known by the lyrics of the song Somebody That I Used To Know which goes as “You didn’t have to cut me off”.

Galaxy Brain Meme Video

How to use the galaxy brain meme template

The galaxy brain meme template is a great way to make a statement on the internet. It is perfect for when you want to be funny and clever at the same time. Here is how to use the galaxy brain meme template:

1. Find a picture of a real life galaxy brain. The more stars and nebulae, the better.

2. Find a picture of someone or something that represents stupidity. This could be a photo of a person with their mouth open, or a cartoon character with a big head and small body.

3. Place the two pictures side by side and add some text to make your point. For example, you could write “When you finally realize the answer is obvious” or “When you’re trying to explain something simple but they just don’t get it”.

4. Share your meme with the world and watch as people laugh and agree with your brilliant observation!

Examples of galaxy brain memes and compilation

When it comes to galaxy brain memes, there is no shortage of creativity or humor. Here are some examples of galaxy brain memes that will make you laugh out loud:

1. “I’m not sure if this is a genius idea or a really stupid one.”

2. “That moment when you realize you’re smarter than everyone else.”

3. “I’m not saying I’m smarter than Einstein, but…”

4. “I’m pretty sure I could solve world hunger if I put my mind to it.”

5. “My brain is so big, it’s giving me a headache.”

6. “I’m not saying I have a higher IQ than Stephen Hawking, but…”

7. “I’m pretty sure I could find a cure for cancer if I really tried.”

8. “I’m not saying I’m the next Einstein, but…”

9. “My brain is so large, it’s in danger of collapsing in on itself.”

Galaxy Brain Memes

The galaxy brain meme has been blowing up the internet for the past few weeks. The meme, which features a diagram of a human brain with the caption “galaxy brain”, is often used to describe someone who is extremely intelligent or ahead of their time.

The popularity of the galaxy brain meme can be attributed to its catchy tune and clever lyrics. The song, which was created by YouTube user GalaxyBrain420, has racked up over 1 million views in just a few weeks.

Galaxy Brain Meme Song Full

The lyrics of the song perfectly capture the feeling of being smarter than everyone else:

“I’m off in my own world, I’m in a different dimension

I’m smarter than you, I’m more intelligent

I have a higher IQ, I’m wiser and older

I know more than you, I’m a genius

I’m in a different league, I’m in a different class

I’m in a different echelon, I’m ahead of my time

My ideas are innovative, my thoughts are unique

I see things differently, I’m out

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