How To Grow A Meme Page On Instagram By Manish Jalan

In this article, you will get to know “How To Grow Meme Page On Instagram” By “The Engineering Bro” founder Mr. Manish Jalan.

how to grow meme page on instagram
The Engineering Bro Instagram Account

I will share basically two ways to grow your Instagram account. One is using Money and one is using Time. You need to trade either money or time to get any thing.

By Investing Money

(How To Grow A Meme Page On Instagram)

A. By Buying Shoutout

This is simple. The major way to get followers using money is by buying shoutouts from bigger pages.

People start their new page with “XYZ” names and then go to page owners with 100k-500k followers and buy shoutout, usually people charge 400-700 INR for an account with 500k followers on Instagram.

Always start busying shoutout from small pages at first because they are much active and don’t do too much spamming and for the same reason you will get more followers if you buy shoutout from them.

Also, when you are buying shoutouts from these account, you need to make images/videos for shoutouts..You might have seen various images and videos on your instagram feed that ask you to follow the user to see full video or to know full joke. So it’s important that you create for yourself too…these image/videos are like your advertisement content.

Other Very important thing while buying shoutout is make your account private, when you make your account private you will get more followers. People request to follow and leave, but if your account is public, people will visit your profile and will leave without following.

So making your account private is very important if you grow your account by shoutouts.

B. By Running Ads

I used to run ads for TEB’s Insta in the start. Now to run ads you will have to make your account a “Business account”. You can learn how to do that from google.

I will suggest growing account by shoutouts though.

Well, Insta accounts do grow organically if your post is reaching to more people and you are making very funny content.
So, I used to promote every meme of The engineer bro on Insta, we used to get 40-50k likes on our posts when our account was just 40-50k big.

I used to run ads and used to get followers daily as they liked our posts. But this method requires more money than buying shoutouts and it is slow, but the followers will be very active by this method.

C. Buy a Big Page Like 100k and start doing shout for shout out

You can simple go ahead and buy a 100k Page, and start contacting other 100k page owners and start doing s4s with them. If you do daily with 3 people, you will easily grow 2k followers daily minimum.

Note: Instagram Page owners have Whatsapp groups for promotions and discussion, where they buy and sell shout-outs. You need to join those groups to buy and sell shout-outs on your pages.

By Investing Time

(How To Grow A Meme Page On Instagram)

A. Become Content Creator for big pages

This I used to do 7 years back. I had no money for ads or promotions. So I used to become content creator or editors in big pages and used to manage their page for them. I didn’t need money then, in return I used to ask them to share my page daily once.

And like that I grew my page. You need to decide this, if you have time then you should do this. I was 17 years old then, All I had time then. So I sold my time and skill in return of shares.

You can do this or maybe you can offer them something else and in return either take money or take shoutouts. it’s upto you.

Now to become a content creator on their page you need to contact big page owners, message 100 of them, 5 will reply and go work for them.

Trust me, this is all I did when I was 17 years old.

Important thing is, you will learn many things while working. Just start with lowest money/pay but the knowledge you get while working will be enormous and beyond comparison. After 1 year you will feel the change and will be more confident.

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