10 Things Memers Are Tired Of Hearing

10 Things Memers Are Tired Of Hearing
10 Things Memers Are Tired Of Hearing

Memer is an Internet Slang which refers to a person who creates or distribute memes using humorous material copied and circulated online.
Memes are the best tools and medium for promotion and advertisement, that is the reason they are Backbone of Social Media in present time.
It is because of availability of the internet and smartphones, engaging in this field so conventional that a big number of memers have made their impact over Social Sites. All you need is a bit of creative naughty mind with a little image & video editing skill. So in this article I am going to share “10 Things Memers Are Tired Of Hearing”. Hope you will find it relatable if you are a memer. And if you are not a memer, I hope your all doubts get cleared. So lets get started…

10 Things Memers Are Tired Of Hearing

1. I heard that Memers earn in Lakhs !

No, Nope, Absolutely no.
All we do is just create some funny post which gets appreciation from followers in any group or page. It’s a funny question which gets irritable after a few times.
The only time we earn is when we participate in any Meme Battle or Competition,generally this reward is so less that we don’t like to share. The only person who generates income aren’t memers, It’s the Page Owner. They earning methods are advertising or promoting movie, goods, Brand, Event, person and other pages.

Show me the money - Things Memers Are Tired Of Hearing
Show me the money

2. Why do we hate LIKE reaction on our Facebook posts ?

Not all of us hate that but to be true, few of us hates it.
You know sometimes it takes hours to create and edit any perfect meme but when we get LIKE reaction, it makes us realize that audience either didn’t get the joke or he is lazy to react HAHA. “Like reaction” kinda feels like you Ignored the post or gave your thumbs up only for sympathy.

I dont like it - Things Memers Are Tired Of Hearing
I dont like it

3. You must have a girlfriend !

Its one of the most annoying thing memers are tired of hearing. We regularly meet new and awesome people online but it doesn’t mean we falls into the relationship besides we know very well how Social Sites are full of fake people and lies. You can’t even trust someone’s picture as they coat themself with a lot of filters. And the people in real life are totally different as they appear here. People fall in love with e-friends but most of the time it fails. Can’t say much about a long-distance relationship.

I have friends I definitely have friends - Things Memers Are Tired Of Hearing
I have friends I definitely have friends

4. All the people here are Old

This is a funny one.
Let me tell you my personal story. I have friendship with a lot of unknown memers. And by seeing their posts, language and cool comments I thought they are my seniors. But when the result of High School and Metric was announced they were happy that they got the good percentage. It was a jaw-dropping moment when I came to know that they are just a bunch of kids who were engaged here. And thought that they are old and having more experience than me. So never assume the age of anyone here. lol. This world is full of young people. But as time passes people started to focus on their real-life priorities and career hence they retired.

Hang on How old you think I am - Things Memers Are Tired Of Hearing
Hang on ! How old you think I am ?

5. You guys are always Happy !

Aah….Biggest Misconception which we hate the most.
So its another most annoying thing memers are tired of hearing. Keep one thing in mind that no one who is spending time here is actually acting real despite few good & genuine people, most of people Social sites are full of Hypocrisy.
Most of us are Lonely, Sad, Ugly, Poor or lacks communication skill. Though we make other people laugh. But sometimes our insecurities make us depressed too. You never know the person who is chatting enthusiastically is whether really cheerful or suffering from personal mental issues and depressions. Few e-friends whom you consider very close to you, may suddenly deactivate their account breaks the bond with everyone and you will never know what happened with that guy.

10 Things Memers Are Tired Of Hearing

6. Each of us is a popular person as we work with popular pages !

That’s the most famous misconception among people and the answer is NO.
No one ever knows who created that famous post of that Page because we rarely gets credit for it. It is property of that page.Only Admins, Moderators, and other team members know the creator.However,some posts in Groups with active members sometimes brings us some fame which feels great. The Pages features us only when they reached to any Milestone or invite us for Meetups. By the way, people/audience hardly remember us.

Notice me GIF
Notice me

7, Why don’t you create your own page and earn ?

Creating a page, organizing it, promoting it and providing entertaining posts every day to audiences is hefty as well as work of responsibility. And in general most of the people only love to create posts, they don’t have interest in fame or money. So this digital world is our escape route from the real world. And we are satisfied whatever we have achieved in this journey.
Another factor is that bringing a meme page from bottom to top requires utter dedication and hard work.Teamwork is the essential for any Page to be Successful.Not everyone wants to make a career in this field. Hence, we are as good as we are.

You are just saying words that dont mean anything
You are just saying words that dont mean anything

8. Meme creation and Social Sites are wastage of time !

NO, Not at all.
Just like you love Video Games, Novels, Anime, Drawing etc. we love doing this. It also requires relevant creativity and skills and you should know that It’s not that easy task as people think. Sometimes even we our-self don’t like the meme created by us hence we need to continuously edit it and improve it. I accept it takes less time in comparison to writing any poem or novel but in this process, we have to teach ourselves a lot of things too.
For example- by using Photoshop and editing apps we become so fluent that creating the logo, banner, Cards and other kinds of stuff becomes a piece of cake for us.

That is my gift
That is my gift

9. Why you use fake or half name on Social Sites.

For the sake of privacy.
Sometimes memes are offensive for some people which are based on their favourite politician, actor or ideol.We don’t do it by the intention of hurting them but they take this humour in another sense. This sometimes causes problems for us, especially to girls. Believe me, our inbox is full of abuses.Most of us either reply them back, ignore them or just block them.

Its very comfortable
Its very comfortable

10. Male memers are dominant on Social Medias

A lot of girls are engaged in this field. And believe me, they are much more funny & creative than guys.By the way, no one classifies them based on their gender coz it never matters. One thing you never knew that most of them are using alias name because they receive a lot of friends (which gets quite irritating after a time) request as a result of which their inbox is always full of hii and Hello. So if you think why you getting late replies or not getting any reply from any girl online then obviously this is the reason. Their Stand-up comedy may suck but memes don’t.

Man Women Dancing

Hope this blog “10 Things Memers Are Tired Of Hearing” felt you relatable.
If you are a memer, give us a thumbs up and don’t forget to give feedback.

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