International Meme Day

Since many years there is both huge confusion and demand of declaration of any particular day as International Memer Day. Just want to make clear that any date haven’t been designated till now to celebrate it.

A confusing situation was created over the Internet by fans of Stefán Karl Stefánsson (a great artist of Ireland). They made a petition on to celebrate his birthday August 21, as International Meme Day as a tribute. However, this campaign is getting support but quite slowly.

According to Wikipedia, He used to work as Puppeteer in Television Industry. With self invented techniques, he uplifted the standards of Icelandic drama. His musical, Lazy Town promoted physical activity among Children hence was praised world wide. Later Nickelodeon aired that show on the Channel.

Another Google search of Meme Day will get you to the page of Annual Event of a high-school. Olympian High School of California State had celebrated the Meme Day on April 26th,2017. In this event, all students dress up as famous meme character or funny viral image.

It had got amazing feedback from everyone on social media as was successful up-to great extent.

Why No-one decided any DATE, yet ?

The one who decides such important days, he requires to get mutual acceptance from all over the world. I mean it’s a global level tradition which he is going to start.

To be honest, any strong logic have not been offered till now which answers the question that why everyone should accept that day as “International Memer Day”.

What can we do:

At first one have to decide any valuable day to get support. The most suitable occasion for it should be Birth Date of any famous Artist or Comedian. Artists from this genre are famous worldwide with overwhelming reputation.

For example, the artists like Charlie Chaplin, Mr Bean (Rowan Atkinson), Jim Carrey, Adam Sandler have done remarkable comedy movie. Audience have a special place for them in their heart. If their Birthdays will ever be considered then there is a probability that people may participate & support.

How to declare any day

To declare any day as Official for celebrating memorable event is not that hard. There isn’t any legal process to do.
All you need is to

  • select any remarkable day,
  • Promote it all over social media,
  • get support from Community ,

and Boom once it gets famous, people will automatically get excited about it. Online support is one of the necessary criteria to make it successful. However, people will still need good and valuable logical points for acceptance.