Meaning of Shortcut Words we Often See in Memes


Simp is a slang, used for a person who gives way too much value to any Girl in the hope that she will get impressed. Commonly, Simp means the person who lacks common or Dumb but on social media, It is used in another way.


Hope you are familiar with Doggo memes. Cheems is Simp version of Doggo world. He is a Casanova dog who uses cheap tricks and words to impress female doggo.


Boomer is a mocking word jokingly used for older generation people. It is basically used by Teenagers or younger generation people. One can easily see such word in memes or any e-argument.


Nibba and Nibbi word represents the Underage Boys and Girls respectively who show off too much in comparison to their age. They pretend COOL by following the stupid tik-tok trend and using a way too much-exaggerating caption for their picture/post.


Meaning : Bring Up My Post.
People comment it on funny memes to increase the reach of that post. It represents support and appreciates the creativity of memer.


Meaning: Not Gonna Lie


Meaning: Not Sure If Done Before
The nsidb is used when anyone creates any meme but he isn’t sure that whether anyone else has created the same thing before him.


Meaning: Short term of FAMILY
Used in Insta live videos to give importance to e-family of followers


Meaning: Shaking My Head


Meaning: On The Way


Meaning: Not Safe For Workplace
Any picture or video with inappropriate graphics and audio which isn’t suitable to see in the workplace or public place. It works as a Warning for Audiences.


Meaning: What The Fuck
Used to show Confusion or Anger over any topic.


Meaning: What The Hell


Meaning: I Don’t Know

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