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Oye Police Aagyi Police Meme Download

Oye Police Aagyi Police famous for its copypasta “Oye Pols Aagyi Pols” meme download video meme template Featuring a group of Punjabi friends getting scared by the police siren and lights modified onto their friend’s bike, shouting “Oye Pols Aagi Pols” meaning “Police has come, Police has come“.

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Oye Police Aagyi Police Video Meme Template

Oye Pols Aa Gayi Pols

Download the Oye Police Aagyi Police video meme template of the group of Punjabi friends out late at night sitting on the ground saying “Saman Samun Bhai Ghatt Lutya Kro”, and one of the men hears and sees the police’s siren and red-blue light coming towards them and shouts “Oye Pols Aa Gayi Pols“, and soon one of them founds out it’s one of their friends “Baba” on a modified bike attached with police siren and red blue blinking lights says “Oye Aajao Eh Taa Baba Hi Aa” and the baba looking at their friends running away says “Daro na daro na mallo, eh taa moudifive kraaya hoya ha” to which they stop and says “Achha modifive kraaya hoya aa babe da“.

With the catchy phrase “Oye Pols Aagyi Pols” and Copypasta, the relatable fear of getting caught by the cops, added with Punjabi language and cultural elements, it’s the perfect meme for creators looking for the latest popular non-copyright meme template video for youtube videos editing and more. Download the Oye Police Aagyi Police meme today and let your creativity flow!

Oye Police Aagyi Police Copypasta

Copypaste the funny “Oye Pols Aa Gayi Pols” COPYPASTA of the meme and use them in the perfect meme situation among your friends.


😥Oyee😳pols👮‍♂️Aa Gayi🏃 pols 🚓 Pols 🚓
😟(Oye bhajjo oye)😟
😳Baba:- 😾daro🤗na😡daro😊na🤕mallo👿eh☠️taa🤥moudifive💥kraaya💀hoya🤣ha🏍🏍

Oye Police Aagyi Police COpypasta text

But why stop here? Check out some of the best “Oye Pols Aagyi Pols” memes that have gone viral, and get inspired to create your own hilarious take on this trend.

Some Of The Best Oye Pols Aa Gayi Pols Memes

Oye Pols Aa Gayi Pols Meme
Oye Pols Aa Gayi PolsMeme
Oye Pols Aa Gayi Pols Memes

What is the Oye Pols Aa Gayi Pols meme?

bro when does this game get good

The Oye Pols Aa Gayi Polsmeme features a group of people who get scared when they hear police sirens and lights of their friends’ baba’s modified bike.

Where is the meme from?

when does this game get good

The meme is believed to be from Punjab, India, as the people in the video are speaking in Punjabi.

What is the meaning of Oye Pols Aagi Pols?

Oye Pols Aagi Pols Meme Download

“Oye Pols Aagi Pols” roughly translates to “Hey, the police are here!”

Can I download the Oye Pols Aa Gayi Pols meme?

Oye Police Aagyi Police Meme Download

Yes, the post includes a link to download the meme.

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