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TVF Panchayat Meme Templates

TVF Panchayat Meme Templates
TVF Panchayat Meme Templates

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TVF Panchayat is one of the masterpiece web series of current time.The story is of a Engineer Abhishek Tripathi who has joined post of Village Secretary in a small village named Fulera of Uttar Pradesh. Due to joblessness,he joined his duty unwillingly.

The survival of a guy from metro city into village and problems faced by him due to change in customs are shown beautifully in the series.To escape from that place he became CAT aspirant and studies in free time to crack the exam to secure top rank.
His adjustments in new society,learning how any chain of officers worked in government ,co-operation of peoples are shown which is also full of village humor.

The acting of Pradhan, Pradhan-Pati and other ward members and their greedy selfish nature to get benefited from government policy is also mentioned in a scene where all of them agrees to set up Solar Light in front of their own houses.
The secretary Jeetu Bhaiya/Abhishek Tripathi is exhausted from all politics and decides to stay away from such things but trobles were waiting for him at every steps.
In the end ,he could’nt get into IIM but soon he started to love Fulera Village and it’s simplicity.

TVF Panchayat Trailer

TVF Panchayat Trailer

TVF Panchayat Meme Templates

Gajab Khrab Vyavstha hai yaar

TVF Pachayat Gajab Khrab Vyavstha hai yaar meme template
Panchayat meme template
Angry Groom in Janvasa meme template
Angry Dulha and his friends in Janwasa

Bhaiya … Bola Wo Aapko

Bhaiya bola wo aapko meme templates - Angry dulha/groom meme templates - TVF Panchayat meme templates
Bhaiya … bola wo aapko

Papa Ko Call Kro Hamare

(TVF Panchayat Meme Templates)

Papa ko call kro hamre - TVF Panchayat Meme Templates
Papa ko call kro hmre – Crying groom funny scene in TVF Panchayat

Mera Beta Aapko …

Mera beta aapko - TVF Panchayat Meme Templates
Mera beta aapko …

Funny Laughing Of Prahalad Pandey

(TVF Panchayat Meme Template)

Khi Khi Khi - Funny laughing of Prahalad Pandey
khi khi khi khi

Usse Kya Dikkat Ho Rahi Ab Tere Ko

Usse kya dikkt ho rhi ab tere ko meme templates - TVF Panchayat plastic removing scene from chair meme tempate - Angry jeetu bhaiya meme templates - TVF Panchayat meme templates
Usse kya dikkt ho rhi ab tere ko
(Angry jeetu bhaiya over Grrom for removing plastic from chair)

2 Bacche Hai Mithi Kheer
Usase Zyada Bawaseer !

2 Bacche hai mithi kheer usase jyada bawaseer - TVF Panchayat Meme Templates
Funny slogan in village casuing controversy among people having more than 2 child

E Ka Likhe Ho ?

(TVF Panchayat Meme Template)

E ka likhe ho angry prahalad over slogan
Prahalad pandey getting angry over child control policy slogan on walls

Jeetu Bhaiya Watching Slogan Writing

(TVF Panchayat Meme Template)

Jeetu bhaiya watching slogan writing
Secretary Jeetu Bhaiya doing his duty

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